Will Contest and Estate Litigation

Will Contest

Are you struggling to pursue your property inheritance? The Iowa Estate Litigation Lawyers can help. 

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Estate Litigation

Do you have concerns about the accuracy of a loved one’s will? Does something seem wrong? Let the Waterloo estate lawyers help.

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Will Contest & Estate Litigation

Are you facing challenges as you try to implement a loved one’s will or manage an estate? Do you doubt that the written document actually expresses his or her true wishes? If you think these documents may go against the decedent’s true wishes, call Corey Lorenzen and his team at Beecher Law Firm to learn more about what you can do.

What we do for you

Our goal is simple: to help you determine what the decedent wanted and then take the necessary legal action to make that happen. When there are disputes about what the testator intended or challenges dividing the estate, Iowa estate & will contest lawyers will find the best solution.

How we do it better

This time in your life is hard enough already, you don’t need to deal with any more problems. When you call our team, we’ll give you realistic feedback on what kind of case you may have. We’ll also discuss the cost effectiveness of pursuing such a case.

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